Public participation is an integral part of the Environmental Authorisation Process and is a process by which the State and the Project Team are able to consult with interested and affected individuals, organisations and government entities before making a decision.


The Public Participation Process (PPP) is a two-way communication and collaborative problem solving tool with the goal of achieving representative and more acceptable decisions.

Therefore as per the principles of Integrated Environmental Management, i.e. transparency and fairness, this page provides a list of current projects, its project status and invite public participation during the highlighted timeframe.

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The proponent, Longlands Village (Pty) Ltd., wishes to develop a residential housing estate on Remainder of Erf 1, Longlands, situated in Vlottenburg.

The subdivision plan shows ±250 residential units on the Manor site, with a crèche, clubhouse, security gatehouse and a café, and various Private Open Space and a green corridor running diagonally from south west to north east across the property and a secondary corridor running north-south along the Eskom underground cable servitude (the cable replaces the 132kV overhead line). The erven sizes vary from about 300m² to about
1 000m². The development area covers 168 875m² (footprint of erven, 137 959m² and roads, 3 0 916m²).

IAPs are hereby notified of the availability of the Pre-application Basic Assessment Report, and are requested to submit written comments on/before 17 October 2019.

Proposed Buffer Amendment for Highlands Waste Management Facility – Revised Variation Report.

The Highlands Waste Management Facility is non-compliant with Condition 4.4 of its Waste Management Permit (WMP) dated 1 August 2018, due to the recent development of the northern portion of the Abbotsdale Housing Scheme.

The Applicant (Swartland Local Municipality) therefore wishes to amend the WMP. The variations (amendments) being applied for are as follows:
(i) the proposed reduction of the current buffer zone around the WDF;
(ii) the correction of the property description as contained in the WMP; and
(iii) of the correction of the geographic coordinates of the WDF as contained in the WMP.

IAPs are hereby notified of the availability of the Revised Variation Report and are requested to submit written comments on/before 4 October 2019.


Recently, a subsidized housing initiative has been approved on Remainder of Erf 327, adjacent to the RWWDF, for which an Environmental Authorisation (EA) was issued. A condition of the EA was the rehabilitation of the neighbouring RWWDF. The rehabilitation process (already completed) entailed, amongst other activities, the excavation and removal of the waste body and contaminated soil and disposal thereof to the Highlands Waste Disposal Facility (HWDF) in Abbotsdale, Malmesbury.

IAPs are hereby notified that the Final Variation Report has been submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning: Waste Management Directorate) for final review and decision. The Final Report is made available for information purposes.


The Applicant, Resent Properties (Pty) Ltd. wishes to submit a Part II Amendment Application for the change of an approved Resort Development to a Residential Estate, in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) (NEMA). The area of Portion 2 of the Farm Amoi No. 490 is 30.6901ha in extent. The residential footprint of the proposed 67 erven, of varying sizes, is estimated to be 21 780m², while the roads are estimated to be 11 150m². The total footprint size will be approximately 33 930m², which is just more than 10% of the whole property.

IAPs are hereby notified of the availability of the Draft Amendment Report and are requested to submit written comments on/before 24 October 2019.


The Greyton and Genadendal Landfills are due for closure and the waste generated and collected in these towns will be transported to and disposed of at the regional Karwyderskraal Landfill. Due to the distance and the cost of haulage (which is based on weight), it is not cost effective for collection vehicles to travel directly to the Karwyderskraal Landfill to offload the waste. Therefore, the Municipality proposes to establish a transfer station (RTS) in proximity to Greyton and Genadendal where collection vehicles can offload collected waste and from where the waste will be transported via long distance road haul to Karwyderskraal for disposal. The proposed facility will also serve as a materials recovery facility (MRF) where the recyclable components will be retrieved from the waste, in an attempt to reduce waste disposal volumes.

IAPs are hereby notified of the availability of the Background Information Document (BID) and Technical Report and are requested to submit written comments on/before 31 October 2019.


The Drakenstein Municipality is proposing to amend the existing Waste Management Licence (WML) dated 8 January 2018 to increase the airspace (height above ground level) of the landfill from 12 m to 20 m, due to the WWMF nearing capacity. Also, this application will consider the extension of the WML validity which is set to expire 1 June 2020. It is recommended that the licence validity be related to the maximum capacity and approved height of the facility, and not an expiration date.

Please Note – the Variation Application was submitted to DEA&DP on 9 April 2019, and the draft Variation Report circulated for two rounds of Public Participation (May to June 2019 and July to August 2019), per the NEMA EIA Regulations (2014). On 30 August 2019, Legacy EMC received comment from DEA&DP requesting for an additional specialist study, and the withdrawal of the variation application as the timeframe for submission of the final report lapsed on 4 September 2019.

An exemption to place advertisements in newspapers is hereby applied for, due to the extensive PPP conducted during the initial application process. Legacy EMC is therefore applying for an Exemption from Regulation 41(2)(c) of the NEMA EIA Regulations and 54(4) of the NEM: WA.

IAPs are hereby notified of the availability of the Exemption Application and are requested to submit written comments on/before 12 November 2019.


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